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Property division: often a top-tier divorce concern

Most people in Tennessee and elsewhere care about money.

In fact, they care about it a lot and should be able to freely state that without having concerns that others might regard them as being overly fixated on material things and shallow regarding important issues in life.

Different levels of offense exist for theft charges

Theft generally involves the taking of someone else's property without permission and with the intent of preventing the original owner of every getting the property back. In Tennessee, individuals are falsely accused of theft when they borrow items owned by others or fail to properly communicate with others about their intended uses of the others' goods. Theft charges can be very serious, though, and can be categorized into two general levels.

The first level of theft is petit theft. Allegations of petit theft are based off of alleged takings of property with low monetary values. For example, the unlawful taking of any property with a value under $1,000 may be considered petit theft if the other requirements of the crime are proven. Petit theft charges can be misdemeanors and can carry with them significant criminal sanctions.

Drug testing could come into play during child custody process

As a parent, you certainly want to do what you can for your children. Of course, as you face personal struggles of your own, you may worry how particular issues could impact your ability to spend time with your children. For instance, if you have a drug or alcohol abuse problem, you may have legitimate concerns when it comes to how those issues will affect child custody arrangements.

If you currently face divorce proceedings, you may fear that your soon-to-be ex-spouse will make claims of drug or alcohol abuse against you. These claims could have serious impacts, and if evidence exists that support these claims, you could find yourself facing drug testing. Additionally, you may fear what the results could mean for the time you have to spend with your kids.

Former athletes allegedly involved in domestic violence case

When a person hears that term "domestic violence," there is an almost automatic presumption that the alleged abuser in the story is male. This presumption may be based on a number of assumptions, but it is important for readers to remember that both men and women can be aggressors in domestic violence situations. It is also important that they remember that there are always two sides to every situation involving alleged domestic abuse.

Two former University of Tennessee athletes are now involved in a public dispute over allegations the male member of the former couple made against the female partner. Albert Haynesworth, a football player who made it to the National Football League, has claimed that his ex-girlfriend and former Lady Volunteers basketball player Brittany Jackson racially and physically abused him during their time together.

Hamilton County, Chattanooga police get DUI grant money

"We go everywhere," says a captain with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office referencing law enforcers' reach when pursuing suspected drunk drivers on Tennessee roads.

That statement regarding the aggressive manner in which DUI is prosecuted in the state reveals -- as we duly note on our criminal defense website at the Chattanooga Law Office of Sam Byrd -- that, "Clearly, DUI/DWI is a serious charge that requires equally serious and aggressive legal representation."

How might a person be charged in a fatal drunk driving accident?

It is important for readers of this Chattanooga criminal defense legal blog to note that it is impossible to speculate on the exact charges a person may face after a vehicle accident. As every case is influenced and guided by the facts present at the time the incident occurred it is imperative the readers who are facing charges for alcohol-related vehicle deaths seek their own counsel on their own legal dilemmas. No two cases will proceed in identical manners and therefore no prior outcome in a similar case may be used as a guarantee of an outcome in a future legal matter.

That said, when a person is alleged to have driven while under the influence of alcohol and to have caused an accident where another person died, the accused individual can face very serious criminal charges. They may be charged with the Class B felony of drunk driving vehicular homicide which carries with it the potential for the accused to spend eight to 30 years in prison and to have to pay up to a $25,000 fine.

There are limits to what a prenuptial agreement can accomplish

Tennessee residents and people elsewhere across the country who know a thing or two about family law prenuptial agreements -- maybe through reading or perhaps from personal experience -- understand well that they can be powerful legal instruments when used in a manner intended under applicable laws.

And that is to promote mutual understanding and agreement concerning financial matters.

Domestic violence and one's right to contact their family

When allegations of domestic violence arise, a family's normal life can be thrown into utter chaos. Although conflict and issues between members of Tennessee households do exist, claims of violence and abuse can create irreparable rifts between spouses, children and others living within their homes. Particularly, when a person alleges domestic violence and seeks to restrict the alleged perpetrator's access to them and their children, this can cause significant harm to the intra-familial relationships of the household.

Restraining orders, protective orders and other judicially-backed mandates that restrict an alleged domestic abuser from having contact with their alleged victims are all tools that individuals may seek to implement when they claim domestic violence has affected them. While these tools can serve an important purpose through the protection of individuals who are truly in harm's way, they can also be manipulated to keep parents away from their kids and cause deep discord within families.

A singular realm, with special concerns: young people and crime

Children are, well, children.

And although it is sometimes hard for parents in Tennessee and elsewhere to know when their loved ones have effectively crossed the line from juvenile status to adulthood and fully informed behaviors, they do know this: the transformation from being a minor to an adult often takes many years and cannot be determined by a measuring stick that firmly applies when a young person becomes 18 or older.

Face drug charges head-on with supportive legal representation

Drug charges are serious and can be based on different types of alleged criminal conduct. The Law Office of Sam Byrd, located in Hamilton, Tennessee, has represented individuals facing serious drug crimes such as drug distribution, drug possession and drug trafficking.

Each drug crime listed in the preceding paragraph involves different elements that prosecutors must prove before a person may be found guilty of their alleged crimes. It is up to prosecutors to demonstrate that defendants met all of the requirements of the charges beyond a reasonable doubt before they can be convicted. If a prosecutor fails in this regard, then a defendant may have an opportunity to gain their freedom and overcome the burden of criminal charges hanging over them.

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