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The best interests' standard for child custody determinations

When a court is required to make a determination on where a child will live, they must weigh many factors. The court may consider the abilities of the parents to provide the support the child needs, and the limitations the parents may have that will prevent them from being fully available as the child's custodian. The many elements that the court evaluates during the child custody hearing must ultimately support a determination that favors the best interests of the child.

Co-parenting challenges affect popular reality tv couple

Co-parenting in the wake of a separation or divorce can be incredibly challenging for Tennessee parents. However, when individuals are able to put the needs of their children first, they can often find common ground with their exes to provide their kids with the love and support they need. Not all former couples find this easy, however, and a former couple from a popular reality television program is currently struggling to find balance in their own co-parenting lives.

Periodic custody evaluations can be beneficial

Getting to the end of a divorce with a workable child custody order or agreement in place can be a great relief to a Tennessee parent. Often, individuals worry about how divorce and separation will impact their kids and finding common ground on matters related to where children will live and how they will be raised can alleviate stress and worry. Unfortunately, however, not all families are able to maintain their custody and parenting schedules. Disruptions and changes in parents and kids' lives can require them to modify their operating orders and agreements.

What questions should be asked when a parent relocates?

Generations ago it was not uncommon for some Tennessee residents to live within a few miles of where they were born. Families stayed close to each other and leaned on their loved ones in good times and in bad. While some individuals still call their childhood communities home, it is becoming more common for individuals to move, often more than once, for love, careers, and other reasons.

What is parenting time interference?

It can be an agonizing process for two Tennessee residents to work out the details of a child custody and visitation agreement. When they split up or divorce, parents must make decisions or have courts decide for them on matters related to where their children will live, how they will be supported, and who may make decisions about their welfare. Once their custody and visitation plans are set, the parents are bound to follow them or suffer the consequences of their actions.

Visitation options for parents who live far from their kids

There is no perfect substitute for real in-person time with one's child. From holding their hand while crossing the street to pushing them on swings when out at the park, a parent cherishes the opportunities that they have to be near their children. Unfortunately, some Tennessee parents have to move far from their kids in order to accommodate their jobs or new relationships.

What it means to have sole custody or joint custody of a child

One of the hardest aspects of ending a marriage is figuring out how two parents will share the custody and enjoyment of their kids. In Tennessee parents may be granted sole custody of their kids or joint custody, and these designations may apply to both the physical and legal custody of their kids. The following paragraphs will attempt to provide more clarity on these terms but readers should discuss their individual legal questions with their attorneys.

A child's unique needs are considered during custody hearings

It is not uncommon for Tennessee parents to want to provide their kids with better lives than they had when they were growing up. For some, that can mean giving their children the stable home that they did not have as youths. However, making a child the center of a parent's focus can be hard when they have to share the child with their ex. When establishing a child custody plan, parents and courts have to look at how best to serve the unique needs of a child.

Can I stop my ex from moving with our child after we divorce?

Losing time with one's own child due to divorce or separation can be devastating for a parent in Tennessee who wants nothing more than to support their child and bestow as much love upon them as possible. However, as readers of this blog know, after the end of a relationship parents must work out arrangements that involve the custody of their children. In some cases parents will share physical and legal custody of their kids, but in other cases parents may find themselves without custodial rights. Whether a parent has physical custody of their child will have a big influence on how the matter of parental relocation will be resolved.

Striking the right balance in a physical custody arrangement

It can be very hard for people going through a divorce to divide up their lives after spending years together in a committed marriage. They may fight over which of them will keep their marital home, and they may disagree over how their shared property should be separated between them. One matter that can be particularly hard for Tennessee parents to agree on is how they should split their time with their children after a divorce.

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