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Different payment structures may serve different alimony needs

Most people understand alimony, also called spousal support, to involve the monthly payment of money from one person to their former spouse. Depending upon factors that are relevant to their marriage and post-divorce lives, the parties to the alimony arrangement may be bound by that obligation for many years. However, in Tennessee and other jurisdictions, alimony awards can take on forms other than periodic payments.

Important records to keep to avoid support payment disputes

When a Tennessee couple ends its marriage in divorce one of the parties may be required to provide the other with spousal support, also known as alimony. The party that receives primary physical custody of their couple's kids may also be entitled to receive child support so that they are not solely responsible for meeting their children's financial needs. Therefore, when a divorce is finalized a person may discover that they are bound to pay both spousal and child support for the care and benefit of their former spouse and kids.

Why might a request for spousal support be denied?

When spouses in Tennessee divorce, they may choose to incorporate a spousal support agreement into their final divorce decree. They may come to terms on how much money one party should pay to the other and for how long those payments should continue. If the parties do not work out such matters on their own, one of the parties may ask their family law court to award them spousal support from their soon-to-be ex-partner.

Understanding child support and spousal support

When support is offered from one person to another, it is generally the supporter is providing the other with something that they need. "Support" can be financial or emotional, physical or spiritual. It may fulfill an important necessity in the life of a Tennessee resident.

What is considered when a request for alimony is made?

Not all parties who file for divorce in Tennessee will have to deal with alimony, also known as spousal supports. When the parties to an ending marriage have financial independence and do not require monetary help from their soon-to-be exes to maintain their livelihoods, then they may go their separate ways without addressing alimony. However, when one party may be financially disadvantaged at the end of a marriage, the financially stable partner may be required to pay spousal support.

Financial matters may linger between exes even after divorce

When Tennessee residents end their marriages through divorce, they are legally disconnected from each other. Pending outstanding agreements or court orders, they are no longer liable for each other's financial commitments and no longer bound to make joint decisions about their money and investments. However, financial matters can require former spouses to maintain ties if either spousal support or child support are ordered in their divorce cases.

Paying or receiving alimony? Time to get organized

Spousal support is a critical component to many divorces all across the country. However, this does not mean that it will be included in any particular divorce. A judge will determine if alimony (spousal support) is to be included in your particular divorce. But let's say that you do get awarded alimony, or that a judge orders that you must pay your ex-spouse alimony. What happens next?

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