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Different types of evidence can be used in drunk driving cases

A drunk driving charge may change the course of a Tennessee resident's life and cause a person to experience significant hardship if an arrest turns into a conviction. Our readers know that they have the right to defend themselves when they are facing serious criminal charges like drunk driving. Analyzing the evidence in this case can be an important part of defense strategy planning, as defendants consider the forms of evidence they may face from the prosecutors.

Sobriety checkpoints in place through Fourth of July

When a driver is stopped at a sobriety checkpoint they should expect that they will be assessed for intoxication. Any driver who is found to have alcohol in their system in violation of the law may be charged with a drunk driving crime and arrested. Readers should be aware that through the Fourth of July holiday week, some communities throughout the state are planning to use checkpoints to stop and catch allegedly drunk drivers.

The importance of breathalyzer calibration

A breathalyzer is a machine that law enforcement officials may use to assess the level of alcohol, and therefore alleged intoxication, that a person may exhibit when they are driving. It is called a breathalyzer because it measures the concentration of alcohol in a person's breath and they breathe into the device for a reading. While breathalyzers may offer evidence that a driver has consumed alcohol, if they are not properly calibrated the readings that they produce may be deficient.

What is the purpose of field sobriety testing?

A traffic stop based on suspected drunk driving can be an intimidating experience for a Tennessee resident. Even if they have not had a drop of alcohol to drink they may be asked to undertake assessments that will allegedly determine their level of sobriety. Many readers are familiar with the breath, blood, and urine tests that law enforcement officials can use to test for the presence of alcohol in a person's body. When they make traffic stops based on suspected drunk driving, police officers may also administer field sobriety tests.

What defenses may apply to a drunk driving case?

Drunk driving charges are difficult legal problems and Tennessee residents who face them should take their defense seriously. While some may not recognize that defenses do exist to drunk driving charges, others may struggle to articulate just how the facts and circumstances of their drunk driving arrests should be presented to make their defenses apparent. Attorneys who provide DUI and drunk driving defense support can aid these individuals in their trial preparations.

What is felony drunk driving?

There is no single charge of felony drunk driving in Tennessee, but rather a host of alleged conduct that may elevate a DUI charge to felony if it is proven at trial. This post will touch on some of the ways that a DUI charge may be converted into a felony DUI charge, but as with all legal matters, it is better that readers discuss their legal needs with their personal criminal defense or DUI defense attorneys.

What penalties can a driver face if they have DUI convictions?

It is in no one's interests to rack up DUI convictions in Tennessee. Therefore, a person can benefit from fighting their first DUI charge with the help of a zealous legal advocate who is committed to the protection of their client's rights. Fighting charges can prevent convictions from building up on a driver's records and subjecting them to serious penalties for amassing multiple DUI convictions.

When are ignition interlock devices ordered?

Most Tennessee drivers have heard of breathalyzer tests. A breathalyzer test is an assessment undertaken by a law enforcement official upon a person that they believe was driving while under the influence of alcohol. In order to perform the test the suspected drunk driver must blow into a tube so that the alcohol content of their breath may be analyzed.

How serious is underage drunk driving in Tennessee?

Any drunk driving arrest and conviction can have long-term consequences on the life of the affected individual. This can be especially true of the person in question is under the age of 21 when their alleged drunk driving arrest takes place. Tennessee has in place strict laws that can prevent young alleged drunk drivers from exercising their driving privileges and imposing upon them other penalties for their purported conduct.

Getting help with a Fourth of July DUI charge

Every year many Tennessee residents take to the roads to visit with family and friends over the Fourth of July holiday. The Fourth of July is an important day to celebrate the independence of the nation but also to embrace the special opportunities that the summer months offer. With pleasant weather and great company, individuals may spend their day outdoors, enjoying cook-outs and indulging in alcoholic beverages.

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