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Diversion may be a legal option for those facing drug charges

Pleading guilty to a criminal charge may not ever seem like a good path for a person to take. A guilty plea means that a person is admitting that they committed the wrongdoing on which the crime they are charged with is based. However, it certain circumstances Tennessee residents may benefit from using a guilty plea as a means to enter a diversion program to eventually have their allegedly criminal conduct expunged.

What does 'drug manufacturing' mean?

Manufacturing is often a concept that applies to the building of goods like automobiles. When a Tennessee resident thinks of something that has been manufactured they may picture in their mind a large warehouse or industrial facility where machines push metal and other supplies along in order to create a finished product. However, manufacturing can have a criminal connotation when it comes to drug crimes.

Illegal traffic stop searches may result in drug charges

Although law enforcement investigations can focus on certain drug charges like possession and distribution, many alleged drug charges are actually the product of secondary investigations. For example, a Tennessee police officer may pull a driver over for speeding only to allege that they saw drugs or drug paraphernalia in the cab of the driver's vehicle. Depending on the reason for the stop, a law enforcement officer may engage in a much more invasive search.

Tennessee drug bust leads to five arrests

Many arrests based on drug possession occur during traffic stops or alleged criminal matters that actually have nothing to do with illegal substances. Some, though, are the work of lengthy investigations undertaken by multiple law enforcement branches and are executed after significant police work. Recently, Tennessee law enforcement officers arrested five people that they believe are involved in drug trafficking and allegedly seized large quantities of marijuana, ecstasy and LSD.

What are the penalties for cocaine possession in Tennessee?

A number of illegal substances are addressed in the drug laws of the state of Tennessee, and each substance carries with certain punishments and sentences for convictions on different charges. Alleged criminal acts involving cocaine are met with serious legal sanctions that can deprive individuals of their futures and impose heavy burdens upon them and their families. This post will address some of the ways that individuals may be penalized for allegedly possessing or selling cocaine in the state.

What it means to be charged with intent to distribute crimes

Most Tennessee residents know that the mere possession of an illegal drug may be enough to land them in jail after a criminal conviction. However, a possession charge may be the lesser of their worries if they are also charged with an offense related to an intent to distribute an illegal drug. This post will briefly discuss the difference between these two types of charges and the elements that prosecutors must satisfy in order to prevail on their accusations.

Drug diversion program can help avoid serious penalties

An arrest based on an alleged drug crime can derail a Tennessee resident's future. If the alleged criminal is young it may end their academic aspirations, terminate their career plans, and put an end to the hopes and dreams they have of living a happy life. This is all because a criminal conviction can stay on a person's record forever, thereby preventing that individual from achieving the life they want to live.

Defenses to pending drug possession charges exist

Drug charges can be serious legal matters that can have long-term consequences for those individuals who must face them. Any readers who currently have pending drug charges against them are asked to seek help from legal professionals who can advise them of their rights and the unique aspects of their individual cases. This Tennessee legal blog provides no legal advice and is offered as information only.

Authorities allege prescription fraud in Tennessee arrest

If a Hamilton resident comes down with an illness or suffers an injury that can be treated with pharmaceuticals, then their doctor may prescribe them medications to help them find comfort and heal. While in some cases patients may choose to forego using their medications, it is often the case that if a doctor writes a script for a drug, then the patient will benefit from its use. Prescription drugs can be used to treat a number of conditions and most can be accessed from local pharmacies throughout the state.

Marijuana crimes and their penalties

On January 1st of this New Year some states undertook changes to their marijuana laws. For example, California approved the legalization of limited quantities of marijuana for recreational use. Other states have already taken this step and have placed themselves in direct conflict with existing federal drug laws.

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