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Understanding the criminal charge of drug possession

Tennessee residents facing drug crimes should seek the help of criminal defense attorneys to support them as they analyze and defend their cases. Legal professionals who work in criminal defense can provide their clients with case-specific help to see them through their trials and prepare defenses that may help them protect their rights. This post provides general information on the topic of drug possession and is not legal advice.

What is a drug diversion program?

Criminal charges are serious, and when Tennessee residents are convicted, they may have to live with their alleged crimes for the rest of their lives. When it comes to finding a job, securing a loan, or even maintaining relationships, individuals can struggle when they must carry the weight of their prior criminal conduct. For some, diversions may be possible to lift such burdens and clear up their futures.

Legal help when alleged drug charges are issued

The Law Office of Sam Byrd represents individuals who have been charged with drug crimes. The defense of these serious legal matters is an important component of protecting a person's future and ensuring that their rights are not violated as they work to overcome their legal troubles. Representation from a committed legal professional can provide people defending themselves against drug charges in Tennessee with confidence, knowledge, and support.

What is a search warrant?

Anyone who watches police dramas has witnessed a fictitious scene in which a police officer pounds on a person's door and demands access because they have a search warrant. According to these popular shows, a search warrant appears to be a magic key that grants law enforcement officials access to any location that they want to go. However, Tennessee residents should know that search warrants are judicially ordered devices that must meet and conform to certain legal standards.

Twelve people arrested on drug charges in one Tennessee county

Criminal charges of any form can seriously impact the rights and freedoms that a person may enjoy into the future. If they are arrested they may be forced to expend time and money to defend themselves against their charges, and if they are convicted they may face serious penalties such as incarceration or fines. While some readers may believe serious crimes like murder and assault comprise the bulk of law enforcement officials' efforts to prevent harm to the public, many arrests for alleged drug crimes are made each and every day.

Taking on pending drug charges in the New Year

For some, the beginning of a new calendar year marks an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and to start over without any negative carryover. It is in this spirit that some choose to draft resolutions and goals for themselves to reach as they aim to better themselves in the coming months. While planning for change in the New Year is not for everyone, those who are facing criminal charges and other legal troubles can often benefit from doing as much preparing as possible.

How do possession and intent to distribute charges differ?

Drug charges are serious legal matters that can impose severe repercussions on the lives of those in Tennessee who are forced to face them. Two significant drug charges that readers may sometimes confuse are drug possession and intent to distribute drugs. This post will address each and discuss the elements that must be present for convictions.

Diversion may be a legal option for those facing drug charges

Pleading guilty to a criminal charge may not ever seem like a good path for a person to take. A guilty plea means that a person is admitting that they committed the wrongdoing on which the crime they are charged with is based. However, it certain circumstances Tennessee residents may benefit from using a guilty plea as a means to enter a diversion program to eventually have their allegedly criminal conduct expunged.

What does 'drug manufacturing' mean?

Manufacturing is often a concept that applies to the building of goods like automobiles. When a Tennessee resident thinks of something that has been manufactured they may picture in their mind a large warehouse or industrial facility where machines push metal and other supplies along in order to create a finished product. However, manufacturing can have a criminal connotation when it comes to drug crimes.

Illegal traffic stop searches may result in drug charges

Although law enforcement investigations can focus on certain drug charges like possession and distribution, many alleged drug charges are actually the product of secondary investigations. For example, a Tennessee police officer may pull a driver over for speeding only to allege that they saw drugs or drug paraphernalia in the cab of the driver's vehicle. Depending on the reason for the stop, a law enforcement officer may engage in a much more invasive search.

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