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What fault grounds may be pleaded in a Tennessee divorce?

In some divorce cases, the spouses that make up a Hamilton couple may simply grow apart. They may agree that ending their marriage is the best course of action, and they may work through their divorce proceedings without much conflict. If they have no minor children, then they may pursue a no fault divorce based on their existing irreconcilable differences.

What is the purpose of alimony in divorce?

It can take the better part of a lifetime for spouses in Tennessee to build a solid marriage together that integrates their lives into a single existence. However, it can take only a moment to destroy all of the work that those individuals put into each other. The may lead them to decide that they would be better off on their own. When marital partners decide that it is time to divorce they can have a lot of questions about how the property and wealth that they accumulated as a couple will be divided.

There are limits to what a prenuptial agreement can accomplish

Tennessee residents and people elsewhere across the country who know a thing or two about family law prenuptial agreements -- maybe through reading or perhaps from personal experience -- understand well that they can be powerful legal instruments when used in a manner intended under applicable laws.

Does fault have to play a role in a Tennessee divorce?

When a person files for divorce, they are effectively asking a court to break the legal bonds that have tied them to the other person they united with through marriage. While many people enter marriages for love and companionship, they cannot simply declare their relationships over once those good feelings subside. Since marriage creates a legal union, a legal termination is required to end it, and that termination is divorce.

Mediate first, litigate if needed -- That is the Tennessee way

Are you getting ready to file for divorce? Are you afraid of the litigation process? Thankfully, in Tennessee, couples who want to dissolve their marriages must try mediation before litigating the matter.

Father's rights gaining momentum in Tennessee: Two key changes

The law often evolves. These changes can reflect an attempt to right a wrong, an attempt to adjust the current law so that its application is more likely to result in justice. This is true for all areas of law, including family law.

Don't let your assets waltz away after your Tennessee divorce

Anyone who has worked hard to provide a good life for his or her family deserves to know that his or her efforts were not in vain. Unfortunately, when a marriage breaks up it can be hard to predict what will happen to all the assets you've accumulated during a divorce. 

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