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When will an award of alimony end?

As readers of this Tennessee legal blog may know, different divorce cases may yield different orders and post-marital outcomes. While some divorce proceedings may end with some of the parties receiving awards of alimony, others may result with the parties going their separate ways and dependent upon their own incomes. Questions of how divorce and alimony matters may work out should be brought up with readers' own family law attorneys as this post does not offer legal advice.

An overview of child support in Tennessee

Children need a lot from their parents in order to grow into well-adjusted, thriving adults. Tennessee kids may look to their parents for love and guidance, physical care and financial support, as well as other forms of assistance. When parents go through divorce and no longer live under the same roof, it can be hard for them to maintain their levels of involvement in their children's lives.

Alimony may be structured to meet different post-divorce needs

Spousal support, sometimes called alimony, is financial support that a person pays to their ex-spouse once their marriage is over. The laws of Tennessee allow for four specific types of alimony to be agreed upon or ordered, and this post will briefly address each one. Specific questions about alimony and what type may be ordered in a particular divorce should be discussed with readers' individual divorce attorneys.

What you say on social media can affect your divorce

Millions of people across the country have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and a host of other social media websites. Through them they can connect with their friends and family members and even stay up to date on the events that are occurring in the lives of the people that they love. Often social media is where people post about the highlights of their lives; however, what a person says on their social medial account may have an impact on how certain legal processes unfold.

Dividing marital property in Tennessee

The property that the partners to a Tennessee marriage share may be subject to division in the event that the partners decide to end their marriage in divorce. Marital property may be distributed to divorcing parties by agreement or by the ruling of their family law court. Martial property can take on many forms, from real estate and parcels of land to investments, accounts, and other items of personal property.

End of year considerations as you work on your divorce

The end of the year is a time when many people start making plans for the next calendar year. While resolutions and goals may be popular with some Tennessee residents, making good choices and setting themselves up for happiness make take priority for others. For others, ending relationships and moving forward may be at the forefront of their desires.

What is a contested divorce?

Earlier this year this Tennessee family law legal blog discussed what it means to pursue an uncontested divorce. Essentially, an uncontested divorce is one in which the parties agree on all legal matters relevant to the end of their marriage. They have no conflicts regarding how their property will be divided and are struggling with no disagreements about their finance and other divorce-related issues.

Take the conflict out of your divorce with mediation

Despite what Tennessee residents may hear, not every divorce has to be a knockdown, drag-out battle between two people who once vowed to love and support each other for the rest of their lives. People change and when they do they may find that the relationships that they are in are not compatible with the futures that they see for themselves. Divorce facilities change, and in some cases that change can be accomplished without fighting.

What property is considered separate during a divorce?

During the course of a marriage a couple in Tennessee may collect many possessions. While some of those items may have sentimental value for only one of the partners, other items and parcels of property may carry with them real financial weight. Knowing what a person may be able to take from their marriage in the event of a divorce can help them plan for their pending single future.

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