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Lawyer-Led Negotiation

The question of whether you need an attorney to handle your divorce is one that was not commonly asked a couple of decades ago. But times have changed, and today it is not uncommon for people to get divorced without any assistance from an attorney. Others are using attorneys in new ways, as the availability of alternative and complementary services increases. Law firms are restructuring in order to meet client needs, and many offer one-stop shopping, including financial planning, counseling, and career coaching. And the popular culture model of a War of the Roses type of court battle has gone by the wayside. Most attorneys, and their clients, now realize that out-of-court settlement, negotiated by the respective lawyers, is an easier, healthier, and more advantageous way to dissolve a marriage.

What you do and say matters as your kids cope with divorce

Children have a way of looking at the world differently than adults. When it comes to divorce, the more you try to see things through your children's eyes, the better you'll be able to help them cope. The bottom line is that something that may seem insignificant to you as an adult may be very important to a child. For instance, let's say you have a family tradition of eating pizza on Saturdays at your favorite Tennessee pizza shop.

Defending yourself against false domestic violence accusations

Divorce can be a very messy, contentious process, especially if one of the parties involved is really "out to get" the other, meaning, he or she is determined to make things as difficult as possible in order to seek revenge for hurt feelings or injustices that occurred during marriage. If this description fits your current circumstances, you may need all the extra support you can get to seek a fair and agreeable settlement, and to protect your rights against deception or false accusation.

Your child's home state has jurisdiction over custody matters

The last thing you wanted when you decided to divorce was to get drawn into a long, contentious battle over child custody issues. At first, it seemed as though your spouse was willing to cooperate and compromise as needed to protect the best interests of your children. Then, something changed and your spouse started to object to every suggestion you made for a new parenting plan until the two of you were barely able to discuss the matter without arguing.

Drugged driving arrests rise in Tennessee

After your recent DUI arrest, you may not have been surprised to learn that toxicology results indicated, in addition to alcohol, the presence of opioids in your system. Tennessee police and law enforcement agencies across the country are dealing with a staggering increase in opioid arrests, including DUIs. In fact, data analyzed from recent years shows the trend is alarming.

The three steps that initiate the marital dissolution process

After years of dealing with irreconcilable differences with your spouse, you have finally decided to end your marriage. You breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you will soon be free to lead your own life as you see fit. However, an unsettling feeling grips your stomach suddenly, as the looming question now is where exactly to begin.

Tennessee marijuana laws are very clear

With so many states legalizing marijuana for medicinal and recreational use, getting caught with some in Tennessee should be no big deal, right? Actually, this is not the case. The state has very clear laws regarding marijuana. If police catch you with it, expect criminal charges.

Drug testing could come into play during child custody process

As a parent, you certainly want to do what you can for your children. Of course, as you face personal struggles of your own, you may worry how particular issues could impact your ability to spend time with your children. For instance, if you have a drug or alcohol abuse problem, you may have legitimate concerns when it comes to how those issues will affect child custody arrangements.

What might counting by thousands have to do with your freedom?

A possible answer to the question in the title is that if you can't do it while standing on one foot, you may be headed for jail, especially if your poor performance makes you a suspect for DUI charges. Suppose you just left your friend's house where you and several others spent the evening playing cards and enjoying a few snacks and cold drinks.

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