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Theft crimes may have long-lasting repercussions

Theft is a significant criminal charge. The crime of theft involves the taking of another person's property with the intent of depriving them of it forever. Almost anything can be stolen, and the value of the property that is taken may influence how serious the penalties are for the person accused.

The theft of small items that are not worth much may result in only misdemeanor charges. Items of low value may not meet the requisite financial threshold to qualify as felonies and, therefore, petit theft charges may be issued when they are taken. When high value items like vehicles are taken, grand theft charges may be issued with longer possible prison sentences and greater financial penalties.

Although theft charges are quite serious, individuals facing such legal troubles have rights and options. Many possible defenses exist to theft allegations, and individuals can often use the facts of their cases to demonstrate their innocence and the flaws in the claims presented by prosecutors. The support of knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys can help defendants make good choices about their legal futures.

Attorney Sam Byrd proudly represents those who have been charged with crimes in Tennessee. His one-on-one approach to representation ensures that his clients receive the advice and guidance they need to understand and work to overcome their unique criminal charges. Theft is a significant criminal charge that can cause a person to lose their job, their family, and their freedom. Attorney Sam Byrd is ready to take new criminal defense clients into his practice.

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