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November 2018 Archives

End of year considerations as you work on your divorce

The end of the year is a time when many people start making plans for the next calendar year. While resolutions and goals may be popular with some Tennessee residents, making good choices and setting themselves up for happiness make take priority for others. For others, ending relationships and moving forward may be at the forefront of their desires.

What is a contested divorce?

Earlier this year this Tennessee family law legal blog discussed what it means to pursue an uncontested divorce. Essentially, an uncontested divorce is one in which the parties agree on all legal matters relevant to the end of their marriage. They have no conflicts regarding how their property will be divided and are struggling with no disagreements about their finance and other divorce-related issues.

Accusations of domestic violence put attorney in spotlight

It is normally the job of lawyers to work with their clients to solve their legal troubles. Depending upon their needs, a client may require criminal expertise or a knowledgeable counselor on civil legal issues. Tennessee attorneys handle a slew of matters for their clients and do so in a professional and respectful manner.

How do possession and intent to distribute charges differ?

Drug charges are serious legal matters that can impose severe repercussions on the lives of those in Tennessee who are forced to face them. Two significant drug charges that readers may sometimes confuse are drug possession and intent to distribute drugs. This post will address each and discuss the elements that must be present for convictions.

Finding the right defense strategy for your drunk driving charge

Charges of drunk driving are serious, even if it is your first DUI. Tennessee laws take a strong stand against intoxicated operation of a vehicle, and the repercussions are steep. If you are facing charges for drunk driving, it is in your interests to defend yourself no matter your criminal history.

The best interests of a child in a grandparent visitation matter

When Tennessee parents go through a divorce, how custody matters will be arranged often depends on the best interests of the child who will be affected by the outcome. If a child's interests will be supported better in the home of one parent rather than the other, then it is likely that a court will place the child with the more appropriate parent. To this end, when making decisions that will impact children, courts try to look at their unique needs to decide how best to serve their interests.

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