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October 2018 Archives

What factors may cause more serious penalties for theft charges?

Different types of allegedly criminal conduct are penalized in different ways by Tennessee courts. Many factors can influence whether a person will walk away with a fine or a jail sentence for a criminal conviction. This post will focus on one type of alleged crime -- theft -- and the different factors that can augment the penalties that will attach after a conviction.

Diversion may be a legal option for those facing drug charges

Pleading guilty to a criminal charge may not ever seem like a good path for a person to take. A guilty plea means that a person is admitting that they committed the wrongdoing on which the crime they are charged with is based. However, it certain circumstances Tennessee residents may benefit from using a guilty plea as a means to enter a diversion program to eventually have their allegedly criminal conduct expunged.

Will you still need child support with joint custody?

As a parent, your concerns during divorce likely focus a great deal on your children and the decisions that will impact them most. The proceedings at the top of your priority list are likely related to child custody. You certainly do not want to disrupt your children's lives more than necessary, and custody will play a significant role in their future relationships with you and their other parent.

Can I stop my ex from moving with our child after we divorce?

Losing time with one's own child due to divorce or separation can be devastating for a parent in Tennessee who wants nothing more than to support their child and bestow as much love upon them as possible. However, as readers of this blog know, after the end of a relationship parents must work out arrangements that involve the custody of their children. In some cases parents will share physical and legal custody of their kids, but in other cases parents may find themselves without custodial rights. Whether a parent has physical custody of their child will have a big influence on how the matter of parental relocation will be resolved.

Help for when criminal and civil legal problems collide

Last week's post on this Tennessee criminal and family law legal blog discussed different forms of alleged conduct that may result in charges of domestic violence or domestic assault. Readers may be aware that these charges are criminal and can result in serious penalties like jail time. They may also have repercussions for individuals who have families and may impact their rights to see the people that they love.

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