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July 2018 Archives

What property is considered separate during a divorce?

During the course of a marriage a couple in Tennessee may collect many possessions. While some of those items may have sentimental value for only one of the partners, other items and parcels of property may carry with them real financial weight. Knowing what a person may be able to take from their marriage in the event of a divorce can help them plan for their pending single future.

Shoplifting can result in serious legal consequences

It can be fun for Tennessee residents to window shop through luxurious stores and to daydream about possessing expensive personal goods. While most people stop their fantasies at the showroom doors of their favorite shops, individuals who take items from retail vendors may face the serious crime of shoplifting. This post will offer a brief discussion of what shoplifting involves and how it fits into the greater context of larceny and theft.

What is a protective order?

In other jurisdictions around the country they may be called restraining orders or orders of protection, but in Tennessee orders issued by courts in domestic violence cases are generally called protective orders. These orders often impose significant burdens on the individuals who are accused of committing domestic violence against the alleged victims and this post will discuss just how invasive these orders can be.

Drugged driving charges could affect you or your child

You have likely learned throughout your life, and tried to warn your kids as well, about the dangers of drinking and driving. However, alcohol is not the only substance that can inhibit a person's abilities, and drugged driving also presents a substantial problem that puts anyone on the road at risk of suffering serious or fatal injuries.

Getting help with a Fourth of July DUI charge

Every year many Tennessee residents take to the roads to visit with family and friends over the Fourth of July holiday. The Fourth of July is an important day to celebrate the independence of the nation but also to embrace the special opportunities that the summer months offer. With pleasant weather and great company, individuals may spend their day outdoors, enjoying cook-outs and indulging in alcoholic beverages.

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