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Should I fight for legal custody of my child?

One of the greatest sacrifices that a Tennessee parent may have to make when they choose to divorce their spouse is their loss of custodial time with their child. Even when a parent is able to maintain shared physical custody of their child with their ex, they still must cope with the fact that they will not have direct access to their child when their child is with their other parent. There is a way, though, that a parent can stay involved in their child's life even when the child is out of their home, and that is through the right of a parent to legal custody.

Tennessee's zero tolerance law

Drunk driving in the state of Tennessee is defined by driving while under the influence of alcohol. If a person's blood alcohol concentration is at or above 0.08 percent, then they are considered intoxicated and in violation of the law. However, for individuals under the age of 21, the standard is much higher since it is illegal for those below the 21 year age threshold to consume alcohol.

Child support payments are based on specific Tennessee guidelines

During a divorce, you and your future ex-spouse may be at odds about how to handle a range of divorce matters, including alimony and the splitting of marital property. However, some of the most contentious issues may be those involving the children -- such as child support.

What is an uncontested divorce?

Many marriages in Tennessee end when the partners to the unions are unable to work through their differences or when they experience significant hardships. State law recognizes a number of fault-based grounds on which divorces may be started, including but not limited to adultery, cruelty and prior unresolved marriage. However, some couples may be eligible to use the state's no-fault grounds for divorce to achieve a faster resolution to their sought-after marital dissolution.

Tennessee drug bust leads to five arrests

Many arrests based on drug possession occur during traffic stops or alleged criminal matters that actually have nothing to do with illegal substances. Some, though, are the work of lengthy investigations undertaken by multiple law enforcement branches and are executed after significant police work. Recently, Tennessee law enforcement officers arrested five people that they believe are involved in drug trafficking and allegedly seized large quantities of marijuana, ecstasy and LSD.

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