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May 2018 Archives

What are the penalties for cocaine possession in Tennessee?

A number of illegal substances are addressed in the drug laws of the state of Tennessee, and each substance carries with certain punishments and sentences for convictions on different charges. Alleged criminal acts involving cocaine are met with serious legal sanctions that can deprive individuals of their futures and impose heavy burdens upon them and their families. This post will address some of the ways that individuals may be penalized for allegedly possessing or selling cocaine in the state.

Grandparent visitation awarded only in specific circumstances

Grandparents often share special relationships with their grandkids that transcend the bonds they have with even their own children. In Tennessee, grandparents often step up to help out the grandchildren that they love by providing child care, financial support and more to them when their parents cannot meet their needs. Grandparents can seek court-ordered visitation time with their grandchildren as well, but the circumstances under which a court may approve such a request are limited to specific occurrences.

Commonly used breathalyzer test may have flaws

Tennessee residents understand that driving after they have been drinking is not a good idea. A drunk driving conviction is a serious matter, often resulting in thousands of dollars in fines, a tarnished reputation and even jail time. Many times, a person receives a drunk driving conviction because of a breathalyzer test. But researchers say a common breathalyzer used by law enforcement may not be accurate.

Just say "no thanks" to field sobriety tests

The flashing lights in your rearview mirror probably caught you off guard. Were you speeding? Did you forget to signal when you changed lanes? As you pull over and the officer approaches your vehicle, these and other questions may be going through your mind.

You have the right to fight domestic violence claims

Domestic violence is a serious issue that may impact the lives a number of Tennessee residents regardless of their income, race, or gender. It can tear families apart, and allegations of domestic violence can lay rifts between individuals far into the future. Additionally, a person who is claimed to be a domestic violence perpetrator may find themselves in legal trouble if their alleged actions result in criminal charges.

What options are there when a parent ignores a visitation plan?

When Tennessee courts decide matters related to the custody and welfare of children they make furthering the best interests of the children at issue a top priority. As all children have their own unique needs, it is impossible to explain in a brief post how a child custody and visitation dispute can be resolved when one or both of the parents elect not to follow their agreement or order. However, the general information contained in this post may apply to a variety of custody and visitation challenges, all of which should be discussed with readers' family law attorneys.

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