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February 2018 Archives

What is considered when a request for alimony is made?

Not all parties who file for divorce in Tennessee will have to deal with alimony, also known as spousal supports. When the parties to an ending marriage have financial independence and do not require monetary help from their soon-to-be exes to maintain their livelihoods, then they may go their separate ways without addressing alimony. However, when one party may be financially disadvantaged at the end of a marriage, the financially stable partner may be required to pay spousal support.

Tennessee's implied consent law

Drivers who consume alcohol before getting behind the wheel of their cars can pose a threat to others on the roads, as they may not be in control of their actions. For this reason, Tennessee and the other 49 states in the nation have created drunk driving laws that are intended to deter individuals from climbing behind the wheel while intoxicated and to punish individuals who are believed to be under the influence while driving. This post will look at one of the state's most important drunk driving laws: implied consent.

Achieving an amicable divorce agreement through collaboration

Movies, celebrities, and social media tell us that divorce is difficult and messy. While that can be the case, divorcing couples in Tennessee and other states can take steps to reduce these hardships and challenges. By focusing on the end goal, obtaining an amicable divorce agreement, spouses can gain the right perspective to get from point A to Point B. A collaborative divorce can be the right tool to achieve a healthy divorce.

Your child's home state has jurisdiction over custody matters

The last thing you wanted when you decided to divorce was to get drawn into a long, contentious battle over child custody issues. At first, it seemed as though your spouse was willing to cooperate and compromise as needed to protect the best interests of your children. Then, something changed and your spouse started to object to every suggestion you made for a new parenting plan until the two of you were barely able to discuss the matter without arguing.

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