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January 2018 Archives

Authorities allege prescription fraud in Tennessee arrest

If a Hamilton resident comes down with an illness or suffers an injury that can be treated with pharmaceuticals, then their doctor may prescribe them medications to help them find comfort and heal. While in some cases patients may choose to forego using their medications, it is often the case that if a doctor writes a script for a drug, then the patient will benefit from its use. Prescription drugs can be used to treat a number of conditions and most can be accessed from local pharmacies throughout the state.

Are your kid's best interests being served in their custody plan?

No parent wants to throw their child's life into chaos with a divorce, but oftentimes ending a marriage is the best way for a Tennessee parent to create a better life for themselves and their child. When divorce becomes a reality in a family's future, a lot of questions can come to the surface. Where will the child live? How will the parents stay connected to the child when they are apart? And what arrangement of physical custody will give the child the best chances of thriving in their new living situation?

What fault grounds may be pleaded in a Tennessee divorce?

In some divorce cases, the spouses that make up a Hamilton couple may simply grow apart. They may agree that ending their marriage is the best course of action, and they may work through their divorce proceedings without much conflict. If they have no minor children, then they may pursue a no fault divorce based on their existing irreconcilable differences.

Drugged driving arrests rise in Tennessee

After your recent DUI arrest, you may not have been surprised to learn that toxicology results indicated, in addition to alcohol, the presence of opioids in your system. Tennessee police and law enforcement agencies across the country are dealing with a staggering increase in opioid arrests, including DUIs. In fact, data analyzed from recent years shows the trend is alarming.

Marijuana crimes and their penalties

On January 1st of this New Year some states undertook changes to their marijuana laws. For example, California approved the legalization of limited quantities of marijuana for recreational use. Other states have already taken this step and have placed themselves in direct conflict with existing federal drug laws.

How does Tennessee define domestic assault?

The state's domestic assault definition contains two distinct terms: domestic and assault. The assault portion of the definition matches the general definition of the crime of assault. An assault occurs when a person intentionally or through reckless conduct injures another person or causes the other person to have a reasonable fear that they will be injured. Therefore, an assault can be physical violence, but it can also be the infliction of psychological or emotional harm.

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