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December 2017 Archives

Not every field sobriety test provides accurate evidence

Last week, the Law Office of Sam Byrd discussed field sobriety tests on its legal blog. Field sobriety tests are the assessments that Tennessee law enforcement officials may use to determine if their suspicions of drivers' intoxication are correct. However, just as any test may contain problems or inaccuracies, issues in the execution and assessment of field sobriety tests may result in innocent individuals facing serious drunk driving charges.

Why was I asked to perform field sobriety tests?

In order for a Tennessee law enforcement official to make a drunk driving arrest they must first have probable cause to suspect that the individual is intoxicated and operating their motor vehicle. The officer may first believe that they have observed the individual driving their automobile in a manner that suggests intoxication, but once they make a stop they may need more evidence of intoxication in order to make an arrest. Field sobriety tests can provide them with the proof they need to make a drunk driving arrest.

The three steps that initiate the marital dissolution process

After years of dealing with irreconcilable differences with your spouse, you have finally decided to end your marriage. You breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you will soon be free to lead your own life as you see fit. However, an unsettling feeling grips your stomach suddenly, as the looming question now is where exactly to begin.

Helping grandparents seek visitation time with their grandchild

Last week this Hamilton-based legal blog discussed an important United States Supreme Court case concerning the rights of grandparents to seek visitation time with their grandchildren. In the decision the Court determined that parents have a right to decide with whom their children spend their time, but this determination did not prevent the child's grandparents from seeking reasonable visitation time with them.

The Troxel decision and the rights of grandparent visitation

Grandparents often relish the time that they get to spend with their grandchildren. Unlike the relationship that develops between a Tennessee parent and their child, the relationship between a grandparent and grandchild is focused on fun rather than discipline. While it is a parent's responsibility to make sure that their child grows up to be a reasonable, caring adult, a grandparent may only be absorbed with the child's enjoyment and making sure that they are having fun.

Massive Tennessee drug busts broadly instructive

We dutifully note on our criminal defense website at the proven Chattanooga Law Office of Sam Byrd that Tennessee residents who have been arrested or charged in connection with any type of drug offense need an experienced and proactive attorney at their side.

How does joint custody work after a child's parents divorce?

Often when Tennessee residents divorce they anticipate living their lives without the involvement of their soon-to-be former partners. Unfortunately, though, many former spouses must continue to interact and work together when they share children. This is especially true when the former partners agree to or have a joint custody order imposed pursuant to their divorce.

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