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November 2017 Archives

Financial matters may linger between exes even after divorce

When Tennessee residents end their marriages through divorce, they are legally disconnected from each other. Pending outstanding agreements or court orders, they are no longer liable for each other's financial commitments and no longer bound to make joint decisions about their money and investments. However, financial matters can require former spouses to maintain ties if either spousal support or child support are ordered in their divorce cases.

Tennessee marijuana laws are very clear

With so many states legalizing marijuana for medicinal and recreational use, getting caught with some in Tennessee should be no big deal, right? Actually, this is not the case. The state has very clear laws regarding marijuana. If police catch you with it, expect criminal charges.

Defenses exist to allegations of theft

In order for a Tennessee resident to successfully use one of the following defenses to a claim of theft, the facts of their particular criminal case must substantiate the validity of the propounded defense. Just as prosecutors must prove the elements of the legal charges they lodge against individuals, so too must criminal defendants support their criminal defense responses with evidence. This post will mention several of the defenses individuals may use to counteract their theft charges, but readers should understand that this post is not comprehensive and these defenses may not be applicable to every case.

Both legal custody and physical custody are important

There are two forms of child custody that Tennessee parents must resolve when they choose to end their relationship and share their children in separate households. The first is physical custody. This form of custody is incredibly important, because it dictates where a child will live and how their noncustodial parent will have visitation time with them.

Parental relocation can be a tough child custody issue

Getting a child settled in the wake of their parents' divorce can be a heavy undertaking for the parent who has primary physical custody of the child. The emotional toll that a divorce imposes on a child can be significant, as can be the difficulties associated with managing a new living arrangement and visitation schedule with the child's noncustodial parent. It is often the continuity of staying in their same school, keeping up with their same activities and visiting with their same friends that helps kids work through the challenges of their parents' divorce.

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