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Chattanooga investment advisers run afoul of FBI, IRS

A couple of unarguable points can be quickly made regarding most government probes into alleged conduct that falls into the so-called "white collar crime" realm.

For starters, there's this: law enforcers will be aggressive and relentless in their pursuit of any person they suspect of wrongdoing. It is common for the arrest and criminal charging of an individual to be preceded by many months -- sometimes years -- of undercover work collectively done by local, state and federal task forces.

That work is well funded, with investigators having ready access to seemingly limitless resources.

And then there's this: the hard-line approach toward white collar crime that has become manifestly apparent in recent years ups the odds that any convicted defendant will face harsh sentencing exactions. Financial crime outcomes routinely bring lengthy prison terms, heavy fines and additional penalties these days.

All those realities were on display in a case recently concluded against two Chattanooga brokers, who were sentenced late last month to multi-year prison terms by a federal judge.

Unsurprisingly, the investigation of the men was broad-based and intense, centrally involving the FBI, special agents from the Criminal Investigation unit of the IRS and prosecutors from the U.S. Department of Justice.

The men were convicted on charges of tax evasion conspiracy and wire fraud after a finding that nearly $5 million they collected from investors went into their pockets for personal use rather than toward what they promised would be the funding of a profitable business opportunity.

As we note on our criminal defense website at the Chattanooga Law Office of Sam Byrd, the catalogue of white collar offenses is truly broad, with it becoming increasingly more common for wrongdoers -- including persons who only unknowingly committed a crime -- to get ensnared in the criminal justice system.

Defendants have a right to legal counsel. Invoking that right can secure the assistance of a proven attorney who will work passionately and aggressively to fully promote the best interests of a client facing white collar criminal charges.

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