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What is the purpose of alimony in divorce?

It can take the better part of a lifetime for spouses in Tennessee to build a solid marriage together that integrates their lives into a single existence. However, it can take only a moment to destroy all of the work that those individuals put into each other. The may lead them to decide that they would be better off on their own. When marital partners decide that it is time to divorce they can have a lot of questions about how the property and wealth that they accumulated as a couple will be divided.

Surviving family legal dramas with grandparents' rights intact

Divorce is a reality for many Tennessee families, and when it happens it is traumatic for many individuals. It is hard on the individuals who must concede that their relationship failed and who must figure out how they will return to living as single individuals. It is incredibly tough on the children of the ending marriage who must find ways to cope with their loss and potential upheaval in their everyday lives. It is also very challenging for the extended family members who know that their relationships with the divorcing couple will never be the same once the marriage has ended.

Different levels of offense exist for theft charges

Theft generally involves the taking of someone else's property without permission and with the intent of preventing the original owner of every getting the property back. In Tennessee, individuals are falsely accused of theft when they borrow items owned by others or fail to properly communicate with others about their intended uses of the others' goods. Theft charges can be very serious, though, and can be categorized into two general levels.

Drug testing could come into play during child custody process

As a parent, you certainly want to do what you can for your children. Of course, as you face personal struggles of your own, you may worry how particular issues could impact your ability to spend time with your children. For instance, if you have a drug or alcohol abuse problem, you may have legitimate concerns when it comes to how those issues will affect child custody arrangements.

Former athletes allegedly involved in domestic violence case

When a person hears that term "domestic violence," there is an almost automatic presumption that the alleged abuser in the story is male. This presumption may be based on a number of assumptions, but it is important for readers to remember that both men and women can be aggressors in domestic violence situations. It is also important that they remember that there are always two sides to every situation involving alleged domestic abuse.

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