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August 2017 Archives

Does fault have to play a role in a Tennessee divorce?

When a person files for divorce, they are effectively asking a court to break the legal bonds that have tied them to the other person they united with through marriage. While many people enter marriages for love and companionship, they cannot simply declare their relationships over once those good feelings subside. Since marriage creates a legal union, a legal termination is required to end it, and that termination is divorce.

Tennessee man faces criminal charges, accused of drunk driving

A 20-year-old man was arrested recently for a slew of alleged criminal matters. Authorities claim that the man was driving drunk on Highway 394 when he attempted to pass a car in the highway's center lane. During the attempted pass the car, the man reportedly hit another car, causing its driver to suffer injuries.

Hamilton Co. enforcement power on display in recent warrant sweep

Although a recent law enforcement initiative carried out by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office might reasonably seem noteworthy on several fronts, one thing certainly jumps out as being especially prominent regarding the so-called "warrant roundup" of scores of people.

Claims of domestic violence can affect your legal rights

The members of Tennessee families often love each other with great passion. Additionally, from time to time they may also fight with great passion, and allow their disagreements to boil over into matches of anger and frustration. Ups and downs are a natural part of living with others and sharing one's life with the people they love.

Understand the elements of a theft charge

Every day Tennessee residents take and borrow items of property from their friends, family members and neighbors. It is not uncommon for a person to lend their property to another so that the other may use it for a particular purpose; in situations such as this the original owner of the property likely expects that the borrower will return the item of property when they are done using it.

Social media can be unfriendly during a divorce

You probably can't imagine yourself without your phone in your hand, Facebook open on your computer, and Instagram and Twitter sending you notifications. In fact, you may not realize how many times a day you change your status and wait for your hundreds of friends to approve or disapprove. What you may not know is that others may be watching your social media, and, if you are heading toward a divorce, this could mean trouble.

Paying or receiving alimony? Time to get organized

Spousal support is a critical component to many divorces all across the country. However, this does not mean that it will be included in any particular divorce. A judge will determine if alimony (spousal support) is to be included in your particular divorce. But let's say that you do get awarded alimony, or that a judge orders that you must pay your ex-spouse alimony. What happens next?

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