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Planning a defense involves finding points that introduce doubt

Each criminal case that is making its way through the Tennessee criminal justice system has unique elements that must be considered when trying to come up with a defense strategy. We know that you don't want to just throw a defense together at the last minute without even considering the evidence that the prosecution has against you. We can help you to scrutinize that evidence so that you can have a defense that addresses each point in the prosecution's case.

We have several options to consider when we are planning your defense. We do prepare your case for trial, but we do have other things to consider. We might be able to work out a plea agreement for your case. If there is anything in the prosecution's case that isn't lawful, we might even be able to pursue a dismissal. We will discuss the options with you that pertain to your case so that you understand what is going on.

As we prepare your case for trial, we work to address any points that might introduce reasonable doubt. When it comes to criminal justice cases, the prosecution must prove that you are guilty in a way that is absent of doubt. If there is any doubt about whether you did a crime or not, you should be considered innocent. Finding those points to introduce doubt is crucial in a defense strategy.

We know that understanding Tennessee laws and statutes can be hard. We can help you to learn which ones apply to your case and how they affect your case.

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