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Fighting criminal charges is also fighting for your future

In our previous blog post, we discussed some of the differences between felony charges and misdemeanor charges. That is only one tiny aspect of the criminal justice system; however, how your charges are classified can have a huge impact on how your case is handled and how it will affect your future.

If you are facing felony charges, one aspect of the future that is altered is that your criminal record will show that you are a convicted felon if you are convicted. This can make doing things you take for granted very difficult. Using a passport to travel, finding a rental property, owning a firearm, getting a job and other similar activities might be difficult because of your conviction. In some cases, a felony conviction might bar you from receiving public assistance or being able to volunteer.

We know that the long-term effects of a criminal conviction aren't pleasant to think about. While we can't make a guarantee that you won't be convicted of a felony, we can fight for your rights and try to get the best outcome of your case that is possible.

There are several ways that a case in the criminal justice system might be resolved. It is possible that your case will go to trial. This is what we prepare for as we explore other options. It might be possible to work out a plea deal for your case. It might also be possible to get the charges dropped. We will explore each of these options to determine which ones are possible in your case.

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