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Some rape allegations can trigger aggravated rape charges in TN

Being accused of having raped someone can have the potential to radically change things for a person for the rest of their life. Thus, when a person has had rape allegations brought against them, it can be remarkably important for them to understand what exactly their legal situation is, as such understanding can be vital to reaching an appropriate defense approach in the case. Criminal defense attorneys can help those accused of rape understand the different ways the details in a rape case can have impacts in the case and what this means for their particular case.

One class of details that can have remarkably major impacts in a Tennessee rape case are the details regarding what circumstances are alleged to have been present during the alleged rape. For example, certain alleged circumstances can lead to a rape suspect facing even more serious charges than normal.

This is in part because, in addition to there being a standard rape charge here in Tennessee, there is also an aggravated rape charge. Some examples of circumstances under which a person accused of rape might face a charge of aggravated rape are:

  • If they are accused of having caused physical injury to the victim during the alleged rape.
  • If they are accused of having used a weapon in relation to the alleged rape.
  • If they are accused of having had someone else's aid with the alleged rape.

Rape normally is a Class B Felony in the state, but aggravated rape falls within an even more severe felony class: Class A. Consequently, an aggravated rape charge carries a higher prison sentencing range and a higher maximum fine for convictions than the standard rape charge. 

Source: FindLaw, "Tennessee Rape and Sexual Assault Laws," Accessed April 13, 2015 

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