I have been impressed by Sam and his assistant, Brittany, since I reached out to them. During my consult with Sam, he listened to my concerns and even shared some of his thoughts on strategy with me in the event I ever need to go back to court to protect my children. Brittany was the first person I talked to and I was really impressed with her. She did not try to rush me off the phone, she listened and was genuinely supportive, and obviously very knowledgeable about family law. I do not live in Chattanooga any more so Sam called me back himself to provide an over-the-phone consultation. After talking with Sam, I felt safe and very confident that he will be able to help me keep my children safe. The well-being of children is obviously a priority for Mr. Byrd. I hope I never have to return to court but if I do, I have complete and absolute confidence in Mr. Byrd's representation.

- Mara White

I have been fighting for custody of my daughter for all 10 years of her life and in those many years I have had several different attorney's. None of them have gone above and beyond like Sam Byrd. For example, he would even assist me with other legal matters not pertaining to my custody case. He is very punctual and aggressive with my case. He found evidence that supported my case that I didn't even know existed. Also, he was vastly willing to work with me on the cost and let me work out a payment plan, I felt that Sam was not in it for the money. In fact, all of the people that I have met in the Covert Law Group have been very friendly and supportive. In 2018 I got the documentation supporting my primary custody. That was one of the biggest days of my life. Sam has become more than just my attorney. I consider him a friend. I would recommend Sam Byrd over any attorney around.

Sam, Brittany, and the entire staff did a phenomenal job assisting me throughout the entire process. Sam was open, honest, and very insightful. You can tell he not only knows the law, but he is very caring for the clients and their needs. I will be recommending Sam to anyone I know and if ever needed again, I will not hesitate to have him represent me!

- Kris O.

I have been in a very busy and stressful way in the first months of this year, and a speeding ticket with mandatory court date quickly became much more stressful than it needed to be. After contacting Sam by recommendation from Ryan Smith's law office, the court's position was quickly moved back in to a much more positive favor of me. I am very grateful for Sam's services!

- Erin J.

Sam is an honest guy and a good lawyer. One of the things that I liked was his attention to detail when it came to critical factors in the case. The devil/opportunities are in the details when it comes to legal cases. Sam is down to earth and worked hard to understand my needs for the case. Sam took into account the overall financial impact and helped me navigate a tough decision verses dragging the case out. He was able to get me the outcome and help I needed in a child support case for my child.

- Joseph K.

I have been in court several times with family members. Attorneys walk in, pull out your file and have to be reminded of why you are there. When Sam Byrd represented my daughter, you could tell he had done his homework, came well prepared and represented her well. I highly recommend him.

- Tracey B.

Mr. Byrd saved our family. My children are safe because of him. Couldn't have asked for a better guy on my team!

- Lisa C.

Sam and his office provided excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to all details of my divorce. Sam's attitude to the work he does, helped me to avoid emotional divorce complications and got me through it in a timely manner. If you need a family lawyer look no further than Sam Byrd’s Law Firm.

- Charles M.

I was very nervous about getting a divorce because I didn’t know what to expect. I was referred to Sam by my sister and I’m glad I took her advice. Sam explained the process and made me feel at ease. Working with him and the staff at his office was a pleasure! Thank you all for everything!

- Tiffany M.

I had a very unique situation for my divorce. Mr. Byrd and his staff handled everything for me. The unpleasant situation was very pleasant. They had good communication and always kept me informed.

- Becky S.

Could not have chosen a better lawyer for our case. He and his staff are incredible.

- Daniel S.

Mr. Byrd represented me on a fourth offense DUI. He was very detailed oriented. His knowledge of the laws regarding this matter was impeccable. I would recommend Mr. Byrd to anyone.

We found Mr. Byrd when we were seeking a family lawyer due to an unfortunate need to have custody steps taken to protect an infant family member. He was very compassionate, kept us advised of every set, communicated with us to keep in the loop of any changes and helped us find a solution that was best without placing any undue strains on all parties involved.